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On Monday, Sept. 30, 2013, I was an on-air guest on HuffPost Live talking about the importance of having a humbling first job.

My very first job was when I was 15, and I worked at Kroger, a local grocery store, as a bagger. Yes, I was the “do you want paper or plastic?” girl.

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Text 25 Sep Don’t Get Too Comfortable


The world is too comfortable, and so are God’s people.

I attended bible study last Wednesday and, at one point, the minister talked about being comfortable and how people (even we as the body of Christ) have lost reverence for God. And what’s ironic is that this issue of loss of reverence had been showing its face in my life lately.

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Link 23 Sep 1 note Is Your Man Cheating with Another Man a Deal Breaker? | Brown Sista Online Magazine»

Unfortunately, infidelity is a HUGE problem in many relationships nowadays, in and out of marriage. For some reason, at one point or another, many people experience a cheating partner/spouse and are left wondering what to do.

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